Have you noticed clusters of electronic scooters and bikes beginning to cover the sidewalks in your city? Startups offering E-scooter and bike rentals are spreading quickly, and new jobs are available to help move, charge, and maintain the growing fleet of scooters and bikes.
Bird and Lime pay independent contractors by the scooter to charge equipment, and it’s becoming another big-name side hustle in the on-demand economy. Jump, a scooter company acquired by Uber, is doing things differently: They offer traditional jobs paid by the hour for drivers and technicians who maintain the Jump scooter & bike fleet. Read on to learn more about how to get a job with Jump.
What is Uber Jump?
Jump is an electric bike & scooter rental service that was acquired by Uber. Jump places bikes and scooters around town, where users can rent them with a smartphone. Rentals are priced by the minute, typically around $0.15.
To service the fleet, Jump hires drivers and technicians to arrange, pick up, charge and service bikes and scooters. Jump employees have a more predictable and structured job than Bird and Lime chargers, who are paid by the scooter rather than by the hour. Read more: Uber scooter rentals: A guide to Uber Jump
Jump e-bikes in Los Angeles
Working as a driver or technician for Uber Jump
Jump offers several different jobs that all include similar tasks: Collecting, charging, and servicing scooters, then placing them in strategic locations on the street. On Indeed.com you will find Jump jobs with titles like “Driver,” “Field Technician,” and “Field Operations.”
Typical responsibilities of a Jump driver & technician include: Drive a large van to move Jump bikes and scooters around the service area Inspect and do minor repairs Recover bikes and scooters that need maintenance Document and log activity in a tablet
Based on job descriptions at Indeed.com, Jump drivers & technicians are expected to take on a number of different tasks, and work flexibly. Some days you might simply drive the van and place bikes & scooters around town, while on others you might be assembling and repairing the equipment.
See more at Indeed.com Jump driver job listing in Denver Jump technician job listing in Los Angeles
You’ll notice that despite different titles, both jobs include similar tasks. There seems to be some regional variation to the job titles and tasks, but in general if you’re interested in helping to manage the fleet of rentals, you’ll find those jobs listed as “driver” or “technician.”
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Job requirements to work for Uber Jump as a driver or technician Clean driving record Flexible schedule: Work takes place primarily in the mornings and evenings Be able to lift 50 – 70 pounds Be comfortable driving a large van Have basic repair skills Have basic computer skills, comfortable using smartphones and tablets
Working as a driver or technician for Jump is a physical job, so expect to be moving around for most of your shift.
How much do Jump technicians & drivers get paid?
Generally speaking, working as a driver or technician for Jump pays around $15 – $18 per hour. There is some regional variation in pay, with hourly wages being higher in bigger cities.
Jobs are available in part time and full time position, but it appears that most available jobs with Jump are part time. Shifts are primarily split between morning and nighttime hours — Mornings to place equipment on the street, and evenings to collect and maintain the equipment.
How to get a job with Uber Jump through Indeed.com
Jump uses Indeed.com to handle new hires, so if you’re interested in a driver or technician role, start your job search at Indeed. Head to Indeed.com and search for “Uber Jump” Find a listing in your area Apply online. You’ll need to upload a resume and cover letter Wait to hear back from Jump
An Uber Jump scooter in Los Angeles
Is working for Jump a good job?
Working for Jump as a drive or technician is a good-old-fashioned “job,” in the sense that you’re an employee working formally with a company who pays you a set wage and gives you set hours. That’s a big change from new-age contractor jobs that don’t offer guaranteed pay or work hours.
Upsides to working with Jump: Good and predictable pay. At $15 – $18 per hour with few qualifications needed, Jump jobs offer a decent hourly wage that you can depend on each week. If you work 15 hours, you’ll know exactly how much you’ll earn. The same can’t be said for other independent contractor jobs, where an hour of work isn’t guaranteed to net any pay at all.
Downsides to working with Jump: May not provide enough hours each week, physical work. Although Jump offers an hourly wage, they don’t guarantee a set number of hours each week, and most jobs are part time. You may not be able to depend on Jump to be your main gig. Also, the work with Jump is fairly physical: Lifting, moving, and repairing scooters & bikes may take a toll on you.
Working for Jump vs charging Bird and Lime scooters
Charging scooters for Bird and Lime has become a popular side gig, and the type of work you do for Bird and Lime is somewhat comparable to working for Jump as a driver or technician. With Bird and Lime, independent contractors are paid by the scooter to collect, charge, and place the scooter back on the street in the morning.
At payouts of around $5 per scooter, chargers can earn around $25 per night just to collect a few scooters. But payouts are going down in many cities, so the glory days of scooter charging may be over. A job with Jump offers more dependable pay, but also reduces your potential for the big maximum payouts that efficient Bird chargers can get.
Another downside of charging Bird & Lime scooters is that veteran chargers are taking over in some cities, making it harder to find a dependable number of scooters to charge each night. In many cities you’ll see teams of chargers with vans and pickup trucks corralling huge numbers of scooters each night. If you’re a newcomer, it may be hard to compete with the pros.
At Jump, drivers and technicians are part of a team working to gather to manage the scooter fleet, so you don’t have to worry about another worker taking the day’s pay right out from under your feet.
Want to work for Jump? Start your job search at Indeed.com

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