More often than not, parking at the airport is the most cost-effective way to get to the airport but that’s not the only benefit. When you drive yourself and park, you don’t have to worry about your ride being late, getting lost, or not showing up at all. And when you reserve an airport parking space in advance, you know exactly where you’ll park and how much you’ll pay. But don’t just take our word for it.

Our friends at, the global leading platform for booking airport parking, shared with us a comparison of how much it costs to book airport parking versus using your favorite ride share app. Whether you’re flying out of JFK, Miami or Atlanta, you might be surprised by how much you’ll save with airport parking!

Travelers departing out of Atlanta’s Hartsfield Jackson Airport and surrounding neighborhoods can find some of the cheapest airport parking around. TravelCar says one of their partners offers daily parking for as low as $4.99. Meaning, if you’re away for three days, you’ll pay about $15 in parking. Let’s compare that to a ride share. If you’re five miles from Atlanta airport, it will likely cost you $25 if you take an XL ride, one way. If you call for the economy car, it’s about the same price. If you’re calling a ride from 10 miles away, you’re looking at $21 for the economy ride and $42 for an XL one way, that’s more than twice the amount for parking!


With multiple airport options for those looking to get out of the capitol, TravelCar tells us some of the cheapest airport parking you’ll find is near BWI Baltimore/Washington International. They’ll secure you a rate of $6 a day or three days for less than 20 bucks. Thinking about using that ride share app? You’ll pay anywhere from $25 to $36 one way depending on if you call the economy or the XL!


It’s no secret that everything in New York City is expensive. And that goes for ride sharing, too. Hailing a lift from 5th Avenue to JFK John F Kennedy International Airport will run you minimum $75 one way. Need a bigger car for you and your friends and your luggage and you’re easily out $100 just for the ride there. Why spend that kind of cash when TravelCar can get you parking for $9.99 a day. Gone for three days and you’ll only spend about $30 in parking fees.


Right now, on, you’ll find parking near Miami International Airport for just $5.40 a day. That’s the lowest we’ve seen ever! A three-day getaway has you spending only about $18 for your stay. Need to hitch a ride from South Beach? You’re looking at spending a minimum $25 each way and it could be twice as much if you need a bigger car!

Need to escape the Windy City? TravelCar has you covered. With parking as low was $10.25 a day out of Chicago O’Hare International, weekend warriors can enjoy a three day stay for about 30 bucks. Using a ride share app will cost you nearly $45 just to get the airport. A roundtrip XL ride will see you out of $150!

TravelCar knows that getting to the airport can be stressful, not to mention, expensive. But it doesn’t have to be. When you pre-book airport parking, you’re guaranteed a spot, and more often than not, end up saving a ton of money. Plus, sign up for TravelCar’s emails and you’ll receive monthly discount offers.

Why pay more to get to the airport when TravelCar helps you spend less, so you can travel more! Check them out at

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